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NEAT Webinar about Facebook and Self-Advocacy

NEAT Webinar about Facebook and Self-Advocacy

I went to a webinar about How Self-Advocacy Organizations can make the most of Facebook.  The webinar was presented by Emily Ladau.  She is the author of WordsIwheelBy.com.  She was an excellent presenter.  She knew what she was talking about.  The webinar was held on 9/30/15.  Please check out the recodring of the webinar.

One thing I learned is there is a strong cross-community and cross generational presence on Facebook. What I liked most about the webinar was a list of the best practices for sharing stuff on Facebook.  For example, keep text on your posts short and to the point and use longer posts sparingly.

More on the ABLE Act!

For those of you who joined the NEAT Power Lunch on May 27, 2015 about the ABLE Act, we are passing on some more resources for you!

Liz Weintraub is Advocacy Specialist at AUCD (Association of University Centers on Disabilities) in Washington, D.C. Liz has a YouTube video channel called “Tuesdays with Liz: Disability Policy for All.” The video is a more accessible policy brief intended to highlight major issues discussed in AUCD Disability Policy News In Brief

On September 22, 2015, Liz interviewed Heather Sachs who is the Vice President of Advocacy and Public Policy at the National Down Syndrome Society about the ABLE Act, which stands for Achieving Better Life Experience.

Check out the video here:

Good News Story – Andrew Whalen


This summer we asked some of the self-advocates in the NEAT project to write up some “good news stories” to share what they have learned from being part of the NEAT project. 

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By Andrew Whalen, Advocates in Action of Rhode Island, NEAT Peer to Peer Technical Assistance Project

“Advocates in Action Rhode Island has benefited greatly from the Northeast Advocates Together Grant. We have especially benefited from the technological aspect of it. We have seen how much getting connected through Facebook or even emails has helped our members. One such example is Jim . Jim joined our
Leadership Series for the 2014-2015 Year and we helped him sign up for Facebook as part of our NEAT project. Jim says that he really enjoyed using Facebook to connect with his classmates, all of whom became his FB Friends. Jim became sick earlier this year and had to go to the hospital, but he was able to use Facebook to stay in touch with everyone. It became his connection to the outside world. We think Jim’s story is what the NEAT grant is all about and is especially important because Jim cannot speak verbally, and uses, a communication board to talk to others. Learning to use Facebook gave him another way to connect with others and widen his social network.  The importance of using technology to make connections was not lost to Andrew Whalen, whose inclusion in the face to face meetings brought him many new and interesting people to know. Although not on Facebook, or any other social media, Andrew knows how to connect with people better than he did before. He was delighted to discover what other states were doing in terms of Self- Advocacy, how they are going about it, and what they could bring to Rhode Island’s own Self-Advocacy Organizations. Andrew Whalen and Jim are just two of the many people in Advocates in Action RI who have benefited from the NEAT Grant and who hope to continue to do so. We at Advocates in Action RI hope that the grant will continue, so that we may continue to grow our own organization by being part of a bigger community. Thank you so much for your generous support and great consideration.”

Good News Story – Patty Quatieri, Massachusetts


This summer we asked some of the self-advocates in the NEAT project to write up some “good news stories” to share what they have learned from being part of the NEAT project. 

Patty  smiling and working at a laptop

By Patty Quatieri, Mass Advocates Standing Strong, NEAT Peer to Peer Technical Assistance Project

“I am helping other self- advocates to learn technology with the internet, to connect to Facebook, Twitter and networking with other Self-Advocates. One person asked me to help them to start learning about computer to get on Facebook and other social media. In addition, how to get technology like Smart Pen and Dragon. When the self-advocates learn it they say I am very good at it. It gives me more confidence to help the other person to know technology to make their lives much easier. I am a good leader. I will practice with them and let them take their time.”

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