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What Does That Mean?! A blog to help understanding social media lingo!






These are all words you hear a lot if you use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

We found a great blog that has a list of all the really popular words you hear on these sites and what they mean.

Since we get asked about these social media sites a lot, we wanted to pass it along.

Check out this blog written by Constant Contact to learn about these words: The Big 5 Glossary: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+


Tips and Ideas: How to make email more accessible for people on the NEAT Advisory Group and others!

By Hilary Clark


Here are some tips on what makes a good email:

  • A good email is easy to read.
  • A good email has large size font, it’s short and not too long, and catches the reader’s attention.
  • You should try to be clear about what you are saying.
  • Make it easy for people to see what you want them to see for example use a graphic or different color text.
  • Always make sure you proofread your email before you send it out to make sure there are no errors.
  • A good email has a clear subject line and tells the recipient what to do with the email. For example “Read this email and forward to your other team members”.


There are challenges that can come up when you get a lot of emails:

  • Identifying what emails are important
  • Sorting through the different emails
  • Figuring out what re the most important emails.
  • Remembering to respond to emails can also be a challenge.


Conceptual image. Isolated on white

Having a good plan for managing your emails will help with these challenges. Here are some ideas for managing emails:

  • Schedule time during your workday for reading and responding to emails.
  • Organize new emails before you read them.
  • Write your short responses first thing when you are checking and responding to your emails, if your responses need to be longer do them later on in the day.
  • Make folders in your email to help you keep track of them. For example, all the emails about NEAT can go in the “NEAT Folder.”

I hope you have fun reading and writing emails!!!

VT visits RI’s Annual State Conference!

RHODE ISLAND’S 2015 STATEWIDE SELF-ADVOCACY CONFERENCE took place on Thursday, October 29th at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick.

Members from the VT State NEAT Team (Nicole LeBlanc, Karen Topper and Skye Peebles) headed down to Rhode Island for the conference!

Nicole LeBlanc was the keynote speaker for the conference and did a great job talking about dignity of risk and high expectations. The VT team also taught workshops about sexuality and dating.

Skye Peebles set up a display table about the NEAT project and connected with lots of Rhode Island folks about the project.

The theme of the conference was NOW MORE THAN EVER. Advocates in Action of Rhode Island wrote on their website that the conference “was a celebration of 20 years of Statewide Self-Advocacy Conferences here in our state and it was a BLAST! Thank you to this year’s conference volunteers, presenters, sponsors and the 400 plus attendees who made the 2015 event a huge success!”


Keynote speaker Nicole LeBlanc from VT

Allies Deb Kney (RI) and Karen Topper (VT)

Keith Wilcox (RI) and Skye Peebles (VT) in front of the NEAT display table.

Keith Wilcox (RI) gives a thumbs up at the NEAT display table.

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