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Project History

What was NEAT about N.E.A.T…!

Peers and self-advocacy organizations in the NEAT region (New England and New York) have a huge amount of knowledge about self-advocacy, technology, and how to make their groups and organizations grow.

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The goal of this project was to build connections with each other and use peers in our region to help other peers to grow their self-advocacy organizations and projects in their states.

We want our organizations to be strong, to use technology, to share information and communicate with each other, to find ways to sustain ourselves (with money and other resources), to be well-connected to our DD Network partners.

We want our peers to have more access to information and technology and to feel less isolated and empowered to help each other out.

Please explore our website and resources! Though the project has ended, feel free to contact Green Mountain Self-Advocates for information about connecting with self-advocates in the NEAT region.

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